Odi Elite Pro Lock-On 2.1 MTB Grips

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Odi Elite Pro Lock-On 2.1 MTB Grips

With their ergonomic design, the new ODI Elite Pro Lock-On grips give you more padding where you need it most without feeling clumsy in the hand on long rides.

Features – Odi Elite Pro Lock-On 2.1

  • One-sided clamping for more practical grip area and improved comfort on the outer grip
  • Reinforced handlebar end caps made of soft but robust composite material for increased durability
  • Mix of smooth and sharp grip structure for more grip without irritating the hands

Χαρακτηριστικά Προϊόντος

  • Μήκος 130 mm
  • Εξωτερική διάμετρος 32 mm

Color (choose variant)

  • black / black
  • blue / light blue
  • red / black
  • grey / black
  • black / navy
  • black / yeti Edition
  • olive / black

Τί συμπεριλαμβάνεται στη συσκευασία

  • 1 pair ODI Elite Pro Lock-On 2.1 Grips
  • incl. bar end caps
Manufacturer Item no.: 121700002
EAN: 711484180668



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