Hope Enduro Brakes Tech 4 V4 Set Front & Rear


HOPE Disc Brake Tech 4 V4 | single orange

The top model in terms of power from HOPE, more is not possible.

Tech 4 Levers
Not only has the Tech 4 brake lever changed a lot in terms of looks, but Hope has also taken a big step forward in terms of technical properties. The expansion tank has been enlarged and redesigned. Thanks to the new design, the Tech 4 brake lever can transmit 30% more braking power. For a particularly light lever feel, the spring rate has been reduced and a guide for the brake piston is used. The ease of movement is supported by an industrial ball bearing at the pivot point. The brake lever has become longer for better modulation and more control on the trail.
As before, the lever width and the pressure point can be adjusted without tools. The two-piece clamp for attachment to the handlebar simplifies assembly, since nothing has to be removed from the handlebar for assembly. Matching Hope Matchmakers for SRAM triggers and only Shimano EV triggers can be attached to a thread on the underside of the reservoir.

V4 caliper
Very stiff and with large cooling fins, the V4 is ready for anything. High braking performance, excellent dosing and thermal dimensioning that reliably brings even the heaviest riders to a standstill in the toughest terrain.
The pliers, milled from 2014 T6 aluminum as usual, are the result of development work with COSMOSWorks FEA (Finite Element Analysis). This makes it possible to reduce weight, improve aesthetics and create the ideal partner for the tech lever. Sealed bleed nipples allow for easier maintenance and the extended fluid outlet simplifies line routing.
The brake pads can be easily removed upwards and make removing the wheel superfluous when changing. The unique selling point of this enormous brake caliper is the high inner width, which makes it possible to use ventilated brake discs!

steel braided line
These noble cables ensure an improved pressure point, longer service life and an ingenious look! Furthermore, tearing off or kinking of the cable in the event of a fall is effectively prevented. The only disadvantage is the small additional weight.

hybrid piston
The hybrid steel and phenolic pistons are easier to move and require less maintenance. At the same time, the use of phenol ensures better heat dissipation under extreme loads.

Technical specifications:

Area of intended use : Tour, AM, Enduro, Downhill, Freeride
Material caliper: aluminum 2014 CNC milled
Material brake lever: aluminum
Material housing: Aluminum 2014 CNC milled
Material fastening screws: steel
Pistons: 4
Brake Mount: Postmount 6″
Brake disc: –
Brake medium: DOT 5.1
Brake line: plastic or steel flex
Brake pad: organic
Design brake lever: 1-finger
Reach adjustment: yes, via adjustment wheel
Pressure point adjustment: yes, via adjustment wheel
Mounting: one-sided
Front brake lever: left
Rear brake lever: right
Clamp: divided
Line length: VR 900 mm or HR 1650 mm
Color orange

standard line
Weight according to the manufacturer: kA
Weight weighed: 314g or 315g (front – back) including accessories

steel braided line
Weight according to the manufacturer: kA
Weight weighed: 356g or 355g (front – back) including accessories

Scope of delivery: completely filled and bled brake with racing brake pads (green) without disc/adapter | In addition, the scope of delivery includes additional all-round brake pads (red) and e-bike (purple) specific brake pads

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



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