Michelin Wild Enduro Front – Folding 27.5×2.6


Michelin Wild Enduro Front Folding Tyre

This new Wild Enduro All Mountain tire from Michelin, developed with top Enduro riders, offers improved grip and propulsion as well as excellent braking thanks to its mix of three rubbers.

Features – Wild Enduro Front

  • Increased speed: The tread pattern for front wheel mounting with the special design of the studs provides more progressiveness, versatility in off-road applications and maximum grip when braking
  • More grip thanks to Gum-X3D: The new, softer and more flexible rubber compounds of the Gum-X3D generation provide better track guidance and extraordinary versatility both in summer and winter
  • More grip thanks to Magi-X²: The new Magi-X² rubber compound ensures maximum grip when braking and in an inclined position under all weather conditions
  • More durability: High-density reinforcements and lightweight, rugged Gravity Shield 3×60 TPI carcass make this tyre suitable for intensive Enduro use

Product features

  • Tube size: -A4
  • Pressure:1,5-4,0
  • Technology: Trail Shild
  • Skin: Skinwall
  • Tubeless: Yes (tubeless ready)
  • 66-584

Size and Rubber compound (choose variant)

  • 27,5 x 2,40″ / MAGI-X
  • 27,5 x 2,40″ / GUM-X3D
  • 27,5 x 2,60″ / GUM-X3D
  • 27,5 x 2,80″ / GUM-X3D


  • black

Weight (manufacturer information)

  • from 980g


E-Bike Ready

  • For better traction and more safety: More grip on dry and wet surfaces. For extra weight and durability, the tyre has extra strong and durable carcasses.

More power, more drive, + handle
It is a mixture of three different compounds on one tire XC:

  • Race Compound: directly under the layer in conjunction with your pedaling power to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Traction Compound: outer rubber to maximize traction without loss of performance and ensure excellent braking
  • GRIP Compound: Sides bi rubbers for an incredible grip to let you in your control

Rubber compound is one of the basic tyre components. It enables different performance characteristics depending on the composition.

  • Specially developed rubber compound type exclusively for Enduro front tyres with exceptional grip.

Trail Shield Technology

  • Mounting durable and robust for the practice of Trail and All Mountain with a 3×60 TPI carcass and added a layer reinforced with high density casing.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Tire Size

Tire Type



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