R.S.P Brake Fluid – Dot 5.1 Race – 250ml

R.S.P Brake Fluid – Dot 5.1 Race – 250ml


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r.s.p. Brake Fluid DOT 5.1 – 250 ml

r.s.p. Brake Fluid is a brake fluid for top performance in the world of racing. The brake fluid is well known for having values that considerably exceed the DOT 5.1 norm, and can resist even stronger loads and higher temperatures. Brake fluid is used by many teams in the Mountain Bike World Cup.

Technical specifications:
Boiling point 270 °C – wet boiling point 185 °C.,
fulfils SAE J 1307F – ISO 4925 – FMVSS 116.

It’s easy: First check whether your braking system uses brake fluid or hydraulic oil. Now bleed the brake system precisely according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and top up with Brake Fluid. Brake Fluid can be mixed with DOT 4 brake fluids.
Included in delivery: 1 container with 250 ml

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