RFR ProLight Seatpost


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RFR ProLight Seatpost

The super light RFR ProLight seat post is made of aluminum. Saddle angle can be individually modulated due to the adjusting screw, therefore offering maximum comfort for the biker. Safe fitting and installation of the seat post thanks to marked scale.

Features – ProLight Seatpost

  • Lightweight seat post
  • Individually adjustable seat angle


  • alloy 6061

Size (choose variant)

  • 27.2 x 400mm
  • 30.9 x 400mm
  • 31.6 x 400mm


  • Μαύρο

Weight (manufacturer information)

  • 27.2 – 290g
  • 30.9 – 330g
  • 31.6 – 350g

Τί συμπεριλαμβάνεται στη συσκευασία

  • 1 RFR ProLight Seatpost
Manufacturer Item no.: 13430
EAN: 4250589407172



In the RFR pedal assortment, you can find various standard, flat and click pedals. Due to high quality bearings and materials, they are all robust and durable. The flat pedals are available in a variety of colours and can be upgraded with colourful pins. Pedal plates from SPD to Look Keo are also new in our assortment. RFR cleats allow the pedal to be connected to the biker's shoe, they provide ideal power transmission and therefore also for the perfect amount of feeding speed while biking.

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