Tubolito TUBO-ROAD-700C Tube


Valve Size 42mm

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tubolito TUBO-ROAD-700C Tube

The Tubo-Road-700C makes road bikes even lighter. Compared to a standard hose, 70g weight is saved and at the same time the puncture resistance is doubled.

Super Lightweight: The TUBO-ROAD-700C tube from Tubolito

A decisive success factor, both for challenging long distances and on short distances when only seconds are involved. In addition, rolling resistance is reduced by 10% with the Tubo-Road-700C. Suitable for disc and rim brakes.

Features – TUBO-ROAD-700C tube

  • Tubolito hoses made of the high-tech material thermoplastic can withstand twice as much force as standard hoses.
  • The puncture resistance is twice as high with regard to the puncture as with standard hoses
  • Very small packing size
  • Very light

Χαρακτηριστικά Προϊόντος

  • Tyre size: 700C
  • Tyre width: 18-28mm

SV-Valve (Choose variant)

  • 42mm


  • orange


  • 38g (manufacturer information)

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  • 1 tubolito TUBO-ROAD-700C tube



FROM LOUDSPEAKER TO TUBES Christian Lembacher (material science engineer) and Akos Kertesz (mechanical engineer) are the founders of Tubolito. In their previous job, the enthusiastic mountainbikers, were developing loudspeakers for mobile phones. Working on new hight-tech materials as a membrane material for loudspeakers, which needs to be very light and robust, the idea came up to revolutionize the 100 year old bike tubes made of rubber. Using a new high-tech thermoplastic elastomer and combined with a unique manufacturing technology Tubolito is capable of delivering very light, robust and reliable bike tubes to their customers.


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