Formula Disc Brake Pads Sintered Compound


Formula Disc Brake Pads Sintered Compound


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Formula Disc Brake Pads Sintered Compound:Standard  Oval/TheOne/Mega/RX/R1/R1R/T1/C1/Cura

Sintered Compound brake pad on steel back plate for Formula Oval/TheOne/Mega/RX/R1/R1R/T1/C1/Cura disc brake.

Product features

  • Sintermetal pad: Consistently perform well in dry or wet conditions, and have excellent power and durability
  • Material: Sintered Compound
  • Material Plate: Steel
  • Modulation: Above average
  • Performance: High
  • Durability: High
  • Anti-fading: High
  • Quiet: Average


  • Formula Oval/TheOne/Mega/RX/R1/R1R/T1/C1/Cura

EAN: 8057432691995

SKU: FD40103-10

Scope of delivery

  • 1 pair Formula Disc Brake Pads Sintered Compound for Oval/TheOne/Mega/RX/R1/R1R/T1/C1/Cura incl. Spring

Additional information

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